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Where can I purchase a Buscor ticket?

Apart from the terminals, Buscor partnered with the following outlets for convenience. • Matsulu Depot • Emoyeni Mall • Boxer Nelspruit • Boxer Promenade • Boxer Kanyamazane • Boxer Matsulu • Boxer Naas • Boxer Schoemansdal • Boxer Hazyview • Movo Kabokweni • JE Travel Hazyview Spar • Coast to Coast Jeppes Reef • Malalane Spar • White River Spar • Bongani Kwa-Msibi • MSM Distributors Lekazi

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What additional services does Buscor offer?

Buscor offers the people of Nelspruit and surrounding areas with affordable, accessible, safe and convenient bus services.

How can I contact the lost and found department?

In the event of items loss or recovery, passengers are to visit the lost and found offices found at the bus terminals Alternatively, you can contact the control rooms for assistance. Contact Nelspruit (013 754 6246/7/8), White River (013 754 6288), Malalane (013 754 6260/1/2/3) for any queries.

Am I eligible for a refund?

Unfortunately, Buscor does not give any refunds. However, we transfer your trips from one card to another in case of card malfunctioning with active trips.

Does Buscor cater for passengers with disabilities?

Buscor caters and accommodates everyone including people with special needs. The buses are designed to ensure that they are accessible to people using wheelchairs.

How do I go about private hire quotations?

For any quotes regarding charter buses, it is recommended to visit the nearest branch.

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Call: 013 754 6246/7/8

Email: info@buscor.co.za

Emergency Hotline

Call: 013 754 6246/7/8

Email: beheer@buscor.co.za


Call: 013 754 6246/7/8

Email: PRofficer@buscor.co.za

Whistle Blower

Toll free no: 031 308 0600


POPIA: Please note that when you blow the whistle, your identity will be protected.