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Travel in the comfort of our charter buses and arrive early and safe. You get the benefits of having your own private bus driver to make sure that you are transported safely.

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We take pride in serving and driving our community with dignity. Thus, we are dedicated to provide people in Nelspruit and surrounding areas with affordable, accessible, safe and convenient buses. We have designed a scheduled service that will keep our people up-to-date with all necessary information to help make life easier for everyone.

Ticket Outlets

Visit the nearest Spar and Boxer stores to purchase and fill bus tickets.

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We take pride and serving our community with dignity. Thus, we design and operate a scheduled service that will keep our people up-to-date. With the routes service, as a commuter, you will know when to expect buses.

Buscor is dedicated to providing people in Nelspruit and surrounding areas with affordable, accessible, safe, and convenient buses. That is why we have affordable bus ticket prices designed to cater to everyone according to the distance of your trip.

At Buscor, we cater and accommodate everyone including people with special needs. Our buses are designed to ensure that are accessible to people using wheelchairs. Moreover, we strive to continue making all our buses user-friendly to everyone.

Buscor has partnered with big stores to give commuters the power of convenience. What it means is that people can now visit their nearest Shoprite or Boxer stores to purchase and fill their bus tickets. This is more convenient to those who are unable to make it to Buscor stations for a purchase.

For any of your queries regarding our bus service, we have a team of experienced consultants ready to serve you. You can get assistance from how to replace your card to penalty appeals, enquire about Buscor buses and services, to add value as a customer by bringing forth your suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I read the bus schedule?

The schedule is in a table format with time-points listed in the column headers. To determine the time the bus will be at your stop, read the times listed under your time point. Read the schedule left to right to follow the route. Additional help in reading the schedule is available from your friendly driver or the customer service staff at the station.

2. How do I activate my card?

A cashier at the station will assist you to activate your bus card for your chosen duration.

3. Can I get a refund for lost card?

No, lost or stolen Smartcards will not be replaced or refunded. Your card is the same as having cash in your pocket. Keep your Smartcard safe at all times and begin to travel safely and securely.

4. Where can I buy my bus ticket apart from Buscor terminus?

You can buy your bus tickets at selected Spar, Shoprite, and Boxer supermarkets.